SnapSafe Titan Review

If you are looking for a long gun safe, then you will need to take a closer look at some of the options that are available. Keeping your guns protected should be high on your priority list, because you don’t want them to get into the wrong hands. There are a few factors that you should consider when you are in the market for a gun safe. Today, we are going to review SnapSafe Titan Review and see how it measures up. Could it be the perfect gun safe to meet your needs?

About the Manufacturer – SnapSafe

SnapSafe manufactures a variety of different types of safes for commercial, residential and government consumers. They manufacture sturdy, safe modular vaults for securing guns and other valuables. They also offer reasonable prices- and it all started out with Edward J. McGunn- who was a third generation builder of safes. He wanted a safe that was effective at storing guns, and easy to put in the second story of his home. Because of this dream, SnapSafe now offers a variety of safes for all practical applications, and they are a highly trusted brand name.

Features and Specifications

In reviewing SnapSafe Titan, we definitely noted quite a few things that were worth passing on to our readers. For instance, this safe offers:

  • 17.5” x 22” x 59” exterior dimensions
  • 2300F fire resistance for 60 minutes
  • Modular design for easy transport and assembly
  • 8 live locking bolts – 3/4” chrome steel
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Spring loaded relocker for added security
  • Space for up to 12 long guns
  • One year warranty

It’s easy to see that this safe really has a whole lot going for it! It definitely hits the mark when it comes to security and fire resistance.


Now, it is time to look at price, because we know that is something that you have been wondering about. It is actually priced right around $900, plus shipping costs. While you may think that is expensive, when you compare it to the price of many of the other gun safes on the market, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. It is actually one of the more affordable options, and definitely packs a whole lot of value for the cost.

What Are Other Consumers Saying About The SnapSafe Titan?

Now that you have seen some of the great features of the SnapSafe Titan, and you are aware of the price, it is now time to see what other consumers have had to say about this safe. Most people that have tried it have really had a lot of great things to say about it. It is really popular because it has fire proofing along with decent gauge steel locking bolts. It is also easy to fit into certain space in your home, because of its size. That doesn’t mean that it is lacking in capacity though. All in all, you can see that people really do like this safe and think of it as a great product. It is sturdy, safe and secure, and you can easily assemble it- which is an added bonus! As for the negatives, some consumers have said that it was a bit small on the inside- but if you are looking for a compact safe then this really isn’t a bad thing! Think of it as an added feature even, because it does make it easy to place virtually anywhere in your home.

List Price: $899.00
Current Price: $945.00
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The Bottom Line

The big question – should you invest in  the SnapSafe Titan? We would answer that with a resounding ‘yes’! It is actually a great safe, even though it is compact. It also has a whole lot to offer when it comes to safety and security. While we have seen a whole lot of safes over the years, this is definitely one that has really caught our eye- and it might be just what you need in order to secure your guns safely. Don’t be skeptical about it- just take our word for it- it’s an outstanding gun safe!

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